The Art of Bespoke Bridles


I currently show at county level and am looking to qualify for HOYS this season. I am considering upgrading my bridle, will a bespoke handmade bridle help us to stand out from the crowd in the show ring?



The Society of Master Saddlers replies:

As we all know tack can lead to success or failure, whether it is down to aesthetics, fit or safety. A well selected, correctly fitting bridle can enhance the best points of a horse’s head and help disguise the less fortunate.

In showing a bridle is one of the most important pieces of equipment that can really show off your horse. A properly tailored bridle will be significantly more comfortable for your horse, reducing stress and anxiety whilst promoting responsiveness and controllability – ideal for the show ring.

A-beautiful-pictureMake sure you know the requirements and rules of your showing class so that you know what type of bridle you will need.

In showing presentation is everything and when only a fraction of a mark separates two animals, it is that attention to detail that can make all the difference.

Buying a bespoke bridle and having it made to measure guarantees that it will have an excellent fit designed purely for your horse and to accentuate his best points. We recommend that you use a registered craft bridle-maker and our website can help you locate one in your area.  Look for a Qualified Saddler or Harness Maker or Master Saddler or Harness Maker

The craft bridle-maker will come out and take all the necessary measurements of your horse’s head themselves. When this is not possible due to distances involved, the bridle-maker will provide clear detailed instructions that enable you to do this for them. They may also ask that you provide some good quality images of your horse’s head to help them design the bridle to suit your horse.

Many people think that having a bespoke bridle made is expensive but actually it represents extremely good value and will certainly be a worthwhile investment. It removes the guesswork and eliminates the need to ‘make do’ with the best that is available from the local tack shop.

A craft bridle-maker will use the finest leather materials and fittings meaning you will have the finest quality product

Intricate stitching detail can be added to finish off the bridle if required or you can insert white piping detail on the noseband or browband to help stand out from the crowd. Your craft bridle-maker can help advise you on what additions can be made in order to add that extra eye-catching detail.

To find out more information on The Society of Master Saddlers and to find your nearest craft bridle-maker visit or telephone 01449 711642.   

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