Taking to the indoor arena for your show jumping training? Follow Jenny Richardson’s top tips…


Jenny Richardson BHSAI of Castle Leslie Estate shares her advice:

  • Start with a grid of cross poles at whatever height is applicable to you and your horse, and focus on jumping exactly in the centre of the fence.
  • Practice moving up and down the gears, e.g. getting eight canter strides down the long side of the arena, and then nine, and then seven.
  • Make sharp walk to canter transitions, and also canter to walk; use a dressage marker as the place to make the upward or downward transition at.
  • Are you competing? Always walk the course as you plan to ride it.
  • Know your distances; a horse’s canter stride is around 9ft, which is around three long human strides.

We LOVE this feature from Horse & Hound Magazine… Laura Renwick, Yazmin Pinchen, Jay Halim, Graham Fletcher & Harriet Nuttall advise riders to ride a figure of eight over cross-poles to encourage the horse to change legs and land on the correct lead; stay calm, take a deep breath and try to fix issues quickly and calmly; ensure your horse is even into both reins; think about the horse you are riding when walking the course; and practising shortening and lengthening the stride, which is essential for meeting fences right. Read more here: Horse & Hound.

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