Keeping Warm During a Winter Hunt

Whether you’re a newcomer or a seasoned hunter, staying warm when the temperature drops is important. Whilst the dress code for hunting is fairly strict; there are a few things you can do to keep warm, that can also ensure you are comfortable on the long hunt days.

If you are joining a hunt for the first time it can be a daunting process; however, remember you’ll never be kicked off a hunt for not wearing the correct attire. Take note of what each person is wearing and alter your dress accordingly for your next meet.

image002Generally speaking, a hunt lasts for the majority of the day; skimping on the clothing you purchase can lead to you feeling uncomfortable fairly quickly. Read reviews and make considered purchases rather than impulse buys on your hunting attire. It’s the quality of the clothing that will make the difference, you don’t want to be out in material that might easily tear and look weathered after one wear.Focus on acquiring a clothing system that allows you to stay ventilated whilst remaining warm. The basic essentials for any hunt include: a quality tweed jacket, light coloured breeches and a pair of good riding boots, either black, brown or navy blue in colour.

A safety helmet is one of the most important pieces to remember for your hunt. Look out for top brands that you can count on, in the event of a fall you need to know your head is completely protected. Your helmet should fit securely on your head without moving at all, so as not to obstruct visibility if it falls over the eyes, during a hunt your cap should be either navy blue or black, with no strings or pom poms attached.

Extra Layers of Heat

It is worth noting that a waistcoat will go a long way in adding that extra layer of heat, keeping you warm in colder weather. Gloves aren’t generally a staple part of hunting attire, but when the weather takes a turn they can be an invaluable accessory to have. Invest in a pair of leather gloves that will allow a good grip on the reigns for a professional finish to your outfit.

Whilst many people would consider a thick pair of socks to keep the feet warm, these can occasionally have a negative impact as they restrict the movement of the feet. Look for quality riding socks that will cover your feet and shins in your boots.

When you’re on the look out for clothing that will keep the heat in, keep an eye out for top brands including Requisite, Caldene, Shires, all stocked at Robinson’s Equestrian.

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