It’s Pony Club Camp time!

By Lucy Nicholas

What attire and tack are you allowed to wear and use at a PC camp or rally? 

Here’s our essential guide –

The Pony Club states that the most important aspect of your equipment is the safety  element,  i.e. checking that  the stirrups are the correct size, that hats are tagged by the Branch Official to ensure they meet current helmet standards, and that tack stitching is safe and secure. Do make sure you go to camp with safe tack and equipment! is mandatory for all Members  to  wear a protective helmet at all  times  when mounted, with a chinstrap fastened and adjusted to prevent movement of the hat in the event of a fall. Latest hat standards were updated in January 2016; bear in mind that the PAS 015: 1998 or 2011 and the Snell E2001 standards meet the highest impact criteria, and therefore give full protection.

For Cross Country riding, Pony Racing and Mounted Games, a jockey skull cap must be worn, with no fixed peak, or ‘noticeable protuberances’ above the eyes or to the front. A removable hat cover with a light flexible peak may be used if required.

Breeches must be white, cream or beige. Traditional  jackets must be worn  with a Pony Club  tie or hunting stock. It is permitted to  wear a Pony Club stock with any jacket. The official metal membership badge should be worn on the left lapel of the rider’s jacket.

Left: A smartly presented PC rider. Pic by RS-tor.


All competitors must wear gloves. Spurs may be worn at Rallies and other events with the permission of the District Commissioner or Centre Proprietor. Only blunt spurs, without rowels or sharp edges, may be worn.

Standard riding  or  jodhpur  boots with  a  fairly  smooth,  thin  sole,  and  a  well-defined, square  cut  heel should  be  worn. (Pictured below).

bootsWhat equipment is allowed?

  1. In PC jumping contests, Irish, Standing, Running or Bib martingales are permitted, as are neckstraps/breastplates.
  2. In Pony Club dressage contests, neck straps and martingales are not permitted during a test. Breastplates are permitted.
  3. In Pony Club eventing contests, martingales are not permitted, while breastplates and neckstraps are allowed.
  4. Only white, cream, navy, brown or black numnahs, saddle cloths, pads may be used.
  5. Bits should follow the configuration of those illustrated  in the PC rule book.

Author Lucy Nicholas represents The Saddlery Shop.




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