If you are one of the UK’s three million individuals who are planning a horse-riding holiday this year, follow our tips!

Here’s why we believe a riding trip is the best sort of holiday to enjoy…


Ladies in historical side saddle attire, in front of Castle Leslie.

Maybe you could consider a specialised riding holiday to learn a new discipline?

It is a way of trying an adventure holiday, whilst enjoying a much-loved past-time.

A riding trip to a reputable location means you are supporting a venue that looks after its horses’ welfare.

It’s escapism from a busy job and life.

A riding trip provides the opportunity to bond with the family and spend tech-free time together.

It is a chance to enjoy new scenery.

A riding trip allows you to ride new horses, and experience new styles and disciplines of riding. Castle Leslie Estate’s four night ‘Horse sport’ package is for example for experienced riders wanting to expand their skills or try a new riding discipline. This package includes four nights’ B&B and three hours’ riding per day and incorporates a mix of show jumping, cross country, dressage and estate rides.

A horsey holiday is an ideal vacation for all the family.

You can add on sightseeing trips, and take in new gastronomic delights!

Riding horses allows us to bond with them and experience their non-judgemental, healing properties.

 Top riding holiday tips –

castle leslie estateBe honest about your experience. On arrival, discuss your training needs with your instructors or guides.

Get riding fit. For longer holidays this is probably the biggest issue that riding holiday guests face – a lack of fitness appropriate to their trip. If you can find time, try and get in some general fitness work before you leave home.

Pack according to your trip. To save on luggage space you can roll your clothing, and store small items on your riding hat.

Don’t forget several pairs of jodhs, gloves, shirts with collars (for protection from the sun), a waterproof coat, and comfy riding footwear.

Additions like sun cream, camera and sunglasses are also important.

If you are heading to somewhere more luxurious, such as a hotel with an equestrian base, like Ireland’s Castle Leslie Estate, you may need some non-horsey clothes for the evening.


This type of trip is ideal if you don’t want to spend all day in the saddle, and like to explore new locations, and try other activities.

Prioritise tacking your own helmet, so you know it is a good fit, and up-to-standard.

Training venues tend to provide body protectors, but you may still like to take your own.

Consider a training break, if you need to brush up on your riding skills – why not make a long weekend of it?


By Jenny Richardson BHSAI.

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