Get Your Horse Ready For Summer !

By Emma Boyd Qualified Veterinary Osteopath. BSc (Hons) OSt PG Dip Vet Ost GOsC Reg’d

Now summer is fast coming upon us it is an important time to ensure that your horse or pony’s back and joints are healthy and supple to prevent any injuries occurring. With the eventing, showjumping, dressage and endurance seasons already underway it is essential to ensure your horse’s health is at an optimum, to aid in a successful and undisturbed summer’s riding.
Coming out of a very wet winter, horses have spent the last few months either pulling their legs out of muddy fields or spending prolonged periods stood in stables. Either of which can cause several problems for your horse, these may only become evident once you start asking your horse to do more consistent work.
The resulting problems can vary from:
• Stiff Joints
• Muscle Spasms
• Neck stiffness and therefore lack of flexion
• Joint inflammation
• Many types of lameness
• Resistance to collection
• Bucking/ rearing or other behavioural complaints
• Disuniting in canter
All of which can commonly be successfully treated by osteopathy.
By having your horse’s back checked now before the summer really starts, you can catch these problems at an early stage. Therefore, any problems in your horse can be diagnosed and treated before they start to affect the way that your horse is working. Consequently treatment can be quicker: not only preventing your summer’s riding being disrupted, but also making treatment more cost effective.
As a qualified veterinary osteopath, I work using a combination of soft tissue work, joint articulation, cranial osteopathy and manipulation. I can, therefore, not only treat pre-existing conditions in your horse, but also aid in the prevention of new conditions, such as arthritis. I can also give you exercises and stretches to complete, to aid the treatment and performance of your horse.
For any further information, or to discuss your requirements for treatment, please contact me on 07703 323 532.

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