From time to time something new enters the equestrian world


Enter the Rocky Mountain Horse !

Ultimatum Hamilton Stud’s great stallion – Chocolate with white mane and tail

Ultimatum Hamilton Stud’s great stallion – Chocolate with white mane and tail

There are very few of them even in their country of origin, America – under 10,000

There are considerably less in Europe – under 100

And even fewer in the UK – less than 10

BUT NOW WE HAVE NEWS  – Hamilton Stud Farm

Devoted to breeding a true bloodline Rocky Mountain Horse.

They already have in-foal mares and foals at foot.

They have a performance plan to train the Rocky Mountain for:

Show Jumping







These horses have some notable extra talents

1. Following research+ form Uppsala University in Sweden these horses all exhibit the DMRT3 mutation genome that means they have an extra gait.

As well as the normal walk, trot, canter and gallop they have a 4 beat ambling walk which enables them to provide a smooth ride at speeds up to 25 mph and with no need to worry about which leg is leading.


2. Their development in the past 150 years with the earlier settlers of America in the Appalachian Mountains of Kentucky has resulted in a horse that has

(a) Hardiness. The extreme winter to summer weather means they can live out in the coldest or hottest weather and survive on very little.

(b) Kind temperament. The settlers could only afford a horse that would earn its keep and these animals had to be able to do everything from herd cattle to plough fields and take the doctor to remote ranches and then take the youngest of children to church on Sunday

(c) Sure footed. When the going is too tough or the weather stops the helicopters then a Rocky Mountain horse is the only way to rescue those that have become lost or injured.

(d) Quick to learn and with a good memory. The early settlers couldn’t afford a different horse for each task so the Rocky had to be adaptable and quick to learn each new job and capable of recalling what was done perhaps just once a year such as ploughing the fields.

The Rocky is an excellent example of Darwin’s principle of the ‘survival of the fittest’ because the settlers couldn’t afford any luxury treatment so only the best survived and were bred to provide improved new stock. Whilst today we are not so cruel to those that don’t meet the standards the Hamilton Stud prides itself of ensuring the American Rocky Mountain Horse Association principles for certifying breeding mares and stallions is continued to maintain the strengths of the breed.

Watch Pegasus web site for regular updates as Hamilton Stud Rocky Mountains take to the circuit next year and reports of scientific work being carried out on the locomotion genome, which may have repercussions in humans.

Meanwhile you can buy Rocky Story and colouring books with great yarns and pictures for children to colour – each one giving an inset into horses in general and the Rocky Mountain in particular.

Check out and see Rocky’s shop for some great kit for your stables.



Pegasus has the first two books to give away as prizes and you can meet Rocky the foal who will present you with your prize. These books are aimed at children ages 4 to 10 as either self-read or adult read to child. The books are illustrated with pictures for the child to colour in. Each book in this series (over 12 books are in production) deals with a different aspect of horsemanship.

Question: Which country does the Rocky Mountain horse originate from ? 

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If the product is not available a suitable alternative will be provided



+ Research from Uppsala University published in Nature August 2013


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