EAS0005Easidri is a great way to prepare pre show, and also a valuable tool for drying areas that require a final polish at the show itself.

Stored in a handy plastic tube, Easidri takes up next to no room, and, after use, it doesn’t even require drying time. To use, simply wash the horse as normal and then use Easidri to remove excess water. After each wipe, just wring out and repeat the process. It can be used on all areas of the horse, but is great for heels, legs, faces and awkward areas too, as it’s so pliable.

Easidri can reduce drying times by up to 60% and can be used over and over again on many horses, without the need to dry.

After use, Easidri is stored damp in the plastic tube it is supplied in. To keep it in the best condition, it can be washed in the machine or disinfected, folded and stored damp, ready for next use.

Easidri is available in small, medium and large sizes, and prices start from £9.00.

For more information visit the website www.easidri.com or email sales@easidri.com.

TRIED AND TESTED 017What did Chequer Tree Pony Club members think………


What a fabulous product, easy to clean, easy to store, and easy to use, so versatile, the children could not believe how much moisture this cloth soaked up, they all insisted in having a go. They found it so easy to use, even in little hands in hard to reach areas. A couple of them said they would recommend this to any horse owner and would be asking parents to get them one for their dogs. It was Chequer Tree Pony Club’s favourite product.

Easidri says: “It’s great to hear that Chequer Tree Pony Club members loved the Easidri grooming towel as much as we hoped. It’s great for dogs as well as horses, and can be used all year round- whenever your horse or dog gets washed or wet.

“Another great thing is that it’s stored damp, meaning an end to drying wet, smelly towels- a huge plus in our eyes!”­­



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