Twitter Eventing South-East Pre-Season Meet up at Littleton Manor Equestrian

Twitter_bird_logoFriday 6th March, the eve of the 2015 eventing season saw the South-East region of Twitter Eventers meet up a Littleton Manor Equestrian for an informative and fun evening before the eventing season started. Twitter Eventing was set up in 2012 by a group of eventing riders who met via Twitter and who were keen to share thoughts, opinions and support each other whilst at affiliated and unaffiliated competitions. What started out as a small group of dedicated event riders has now led to over 3,000 people joining the group. Twitter Eventing members offer help, advice and through their innovative “buddy” scheme aim to meet up at events in order to support each other. There is a great comradery within the group and there are members competing from unaffiliated level right through to British Eventing advanced classes.

Louise Beach (@LouiseBeach82) is an active member of Twitter Eventing in the South East and she organised a great evening at Littleton Manor Equestrian. With talks to prepare Twitter Eventing members for the 2015 season from Helen Morrell a veterinary physiotherapist, Jon Raynor a personal trainer, Jo Davies a sports psychologist, Kate Tarrant a professional three day event rider, Sabine Colnot Voltaire Design saddles UK Sports Saddle Specialist and Victoria Lindfield from the South East Eventers League. All the talks were fascinating with a fantastic Q&A session that left everyone feeling inspired and motivated for the season ahead.

Afterwards Matt Tarrant of LMEQ spoke candidly about the building excitement surrounding the news that Littleton Manor Farm is hosting their first British Eventing Horse Trials on the 10th & 11th October 2015 and the work going on behind the scenes to prepare for this. LMEQ’s plans for Littleton Horse Trials received very positive feedback from the Twitter Eventers with everyone extremely excited to come and compete or volunteer!

It was a great example of how social media has enabled riders to meet other event riders and create contacts and friends! Riders who have previously Evented on their own will now recognise some friendly faces whom they can chat to and support at Events and help keep each other’s nerves at bay!

If you are interested in Twitter Eventing please follow them on twitter @TwittaEventing or joining the group on Facebook – search – Twitter Eventing.

The Twitter details of the speakers at the event were:

Helen Morrell – @SurreyVetPhysio

Jon Rayner – @RaynerTrainer

Jo Davies – @JDPsychology

Sabine Colnot – @SabineVoltaire

Kate Tarrant – @EquiSpy1

South East Eventers League – @SEELChamps

Matt Tarrant – @LMEQ1

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