Tippy Gets Back On His Toes with Ruggle-it!

Tippy, a 16-year-old Irish Draught gelding, was bought by his owner, Jane J from Conwy, as a hunter. He hadn’t been ridden for a year and so needed fittening up and also had crusty, sore areas around his heels, fetlocks and tendon areas (see photo).

IMGP1241 before closeJane tried her vet’s suggestion but without success and Tippy went lame, so she decided to try an old hunting suggestion of using pig oil mixed with sulphur. This helped a little but didn’t seem to clear the deep cracks in the creases of his fetlocks.

Then Jane heard about Ruggle-it – a natural combination of their pioneering soap-free shampoo plus 100% natural vegetable oil blend – both containing naturally occurring anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties.  The Ruggle-it “duo” gently cleanse, soothe and defend irritated skin, but also kills mites which frequently masquerade as mud issues and/or attack the crusty areas.  And because the shampoo is soap-free, rinsing and drying are not required.  Another plus is no picking of scabs – Mother Nature throws a wobbly if the skin is exposed to the elements before it’s ready – which makes sense if one thinks about it!

After advice from Ruggles & Stopitall (R&S), Jane followed the simple but unusual Ruggle-it routine following their Mud Planner, and the puffiness went down and the cracks slowly began to recover.IMGP0285-posthunt,clean-ready4fieldCR  But a secondary issue occurred – Tippy’s skin seemed to be oozing a black gunge, almost as if there had been mites that were now being expelled by the oil.  After discussing it with R&S, Jane was reassured that ‘gunge’ can be an excellent indicator that the Ruggle-it is being fully absorbed and thus ousting whatever ‘nasties’ might lurk underneath.  The gunge gradually decreased and the skin became clearer including dealing successfully with two hard, crusty areas that developed out of the blue on the outside of his pasterns.

Tippy also had a number of lumps or hives just down from his withers on either side where his saddle went. They didn’t seem to irritate him so R&S assured Jane that because she’d purchased some of their Protexin Equine Gut Balancer ‘pure’ probiotics alongside the Ruggle-it (a combined Starter Pack is important for mud issues), the combined internal and external approach would help his body at all levels for no extra cost for this separate issue!

Tipp-hunt2Despite Britain’s wettest winter on record and Tippy being turned out daily, his persistent mud issues and mystery bumps had totally cleared up so that he and Jane were able to enjoy a whopping 23 days of the hunting season (see photo).

Said Jane: “I have saved a lot on vets’ bills this year and as the before and after photos show, I am so pleased with results”.

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