The International Equitation Science Conference…Hadlow College Shines!

The 10th International Equitation Science Conference (ISES) was held on the 6th till the 9th August 2014 at the Vingsted Hotel and Conference Centre, Denmark. This year’s theme highlighted Equine stress, learning and training.

Held yearly, the conference aims to promote and encourage the application of new research which determines potential stress symptoms within equines – focusing on new findings will ultimately improve the welfare of horses in regards to human association.

Hadlow College’s BSc (Hons) Equine Management students include the study of welfare and husbandry of equines throughout their three year course – making the ISES Conference the ideal place to vocalise their work.

Stuart Attwood – leader of Higher Education for Equine at Hadlow College – attended the conference to present the dissertation work of six third year equine management degree students. The work presented was as follows:

‘A pilot study into the effects of various mounting techniques on the pressure of the horse’s back’ Laura Stancombe
‘A pilot study into the effect of a GPS and treeless saddle of the temperature of the horse’s back and its freedom of movement’ Sophie Keepax
‘A pilot study into the stress levels of horses kept in a college riding school environment’ Rachael Tolfrey
‘A comparative study to determine if the use of stallion dung can change the defecation behaviour of stabled mares and geldings’ Sian Miller
‘Difference and relationship in length of the mean canter stride of a horse and the intermediate strides within a two stride double fence combination’ Celia Stone
‘A pilot investigation into the limb phasing characteristics and stride length of fully shod, partially shod and barefoot horses’ Melanie Nahum

Stuart presented each dissertation for ten minutes and afterwards commented ‘The whole experience was highly interesting, inspirational in parts, gave much ‘food for thought’ and I would encourage anyone to join ISES and take part in how equestrianism around the world develops.’

Hadlow College encourages students to be ambitious, courageous and innovative – the ISES is an excellent example!

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