Summer Bugs – Go to Hell with Ruggle-it!

P35 SP1TrigHandleBag BriCr4020 NAT crDo flies and bugs make your horse or donkey’s life a misery?  Also driving you insane when out riding or poo-picking the fields?  And, are you sick of spending a fortune on products that promise the earth and deliver frustration or at best only very short-term relief?

Happiness is… Ruggle-it.  Hell on bugs but heaven for animals and humans!

Said Mrs Watts from Suffolk: “Great effects bathing and as a fly/bug spray – will now try for mites.  My mare is even soothed by the smell of Ruggle-it products & I love them too.  Teeko says “Thank you”…she is more peaceful now.”

The clever bits.

  • When you mix Ruggle-it’s 100% natural blend of various vegetable oils with some of their very special soap-free shampoo plus add lots of tap water, not only will you have a highly cost effective bug, mite and critter deterrent, but each application can last between 15 hours and 3 days!
  • And as it is oil-based, if you get a sudden rainstorm it won’t all wash off.
  • You can also spray it on yourself, and on and around your stable or field shelter to help keep the flies and midges away.

SP1Trigv2BriCr6030The extra bonuses.

  1. With a few tweaks, try Ruggle-it to gently and effectively deter pet fleas & mites, head lice, ticks from you and the animals, deter wasp or ant nests, soothe nettle rash, itchy skin or kitchen burns, and even aid fungal issues (human or animal).
  2. Whatever the issue, your large-animal Ruggle-it Starter Pack will be used in differing ways to achieve your goal.
  3. One pack for 18 different issues…that’s clever!
  4. Mother Nature – an amazing creator of solutions.

The nitty gritty stuff. 

Ruggle-it has absolutely no harsh chemicals, Tea Tree, Lavender, Parabens, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate or M.I.  It offers anti-bacterial plus anti-fungal and anti-oxidant properties.  Ruggle-it is bio-degradable, kind to skin and gentle on the environment.  The special blend of oils and the pioneering shampoo work best in tandem to help calm, soothe, soften and deter simultaneously – you just follow the instructions for your relevant issue.

Happiness is… Ruggle-it.  Give ‘em bugs some hell this summer…naturally!

For testimonials and pack options, or details about probiotics, joint care, immune or gut health, or other naturally-inspired aids to ‘good health’ visit Ruggles & Stopitall Ltd at or call 01823 259952.

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