Some of the Training Championship Horses go Through

Taking part in championship horseracing is something that is very exciting for both the jockeys and for those attending to watch. However, it is vital that any horse that is taking part is at the right level when it comes to fitness, which is why many spend a lot of time in the run up to a big race improving the fitness levels and stamina of their animal.

With the hotly anticipated Arc de Triomphe race set to take place on 3rd and 4th October 2015 at Longchamp Racecourse, many horses will already have been going through rigorous training for weeks. Fans attending the races will therefore be able to look forward to some great racing as well as being able to enjoy racing coverage and betting through Coral Interactive even if they are unable to make it to the event in person.

Improving fitness for championship horses

Avenger_-_Westphalian_horseThe weeks running up to the races are very important for the horse, as this is its chance to spend time improving stamina as well as fitness levels. In fact, many riders will also do exercises that improve their stamina such as cycling or swimming, as this is something that can also help to aid the balance of the horse when being ridden.

One of the training methods used is trot work and regular cantering, which is more beneficial to the animal because it is stamina and strength building compared to more intense training. It is important that the horses have their fitness levels monitored as this shows how effective the training is. In short, the more quickly the horse recovers from something like a canter at a decent length the fitter it is likely to be.

Another thing that needs to be considered when it comes to the training of championship horses is the terrain that they use in the races, as it is important for them to be able to train in a similar environment. Using the same sort of terrain, such as grassland, for training helps the horse to properly prepare while also receiving the necessary training to enhance fitness.

On the day of the actual races, it is recommended that the horse is taken to the ground in plenty of time prior to the race not only to get prepared but also to have a stretch, particularly if the journey to the ground has been a long one.

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