Pearl of Peace the Gold Andalusian stallion

Pearl of Peace the UK’s first ‘gold’ Andalusian stallion, has just passed his official breed grading and is now available at stud.

The uniquely coloured 4 year old stallion is one of very few horses in the world to possess the rare and newly mapped pearl gene. Born in March 2012 and known at home as Oro, Pearl of Peace is a genetic rarity. This young PRE Andalusian stallion is the first of his kind in the United Kingdom and possesses the double pearl and single black gene.


The pearl gene alone is incredibly rare and the physical exhibition of the pearl gene coat dilution is even more unusual. The pearl gene is the most recent equine gene to be mapped for equine testing, and has only been confirmed in a few breeds. Considered to be one of the most rare colour traits, the introduction of the gene to the United Kingdom is a positive move for British breeding.

The pearl gene is a coat dilution modifier and the visual coat colour changes are based upon the foundation colour of the horse. Pearl of Peace possesses a golden coat and hazel green eyes – the brightening of eye colours due to pigment changes are also a typical trait of the gene. His rare coat colour is a result of the reaction of the gene upon a bay coat colour, turning it into the bright gold that Pearl of Peace demonstrate. As Oro also possesses the single black gene, in the future he has a 50/50 chance of producing black horses carrying, but not exhibiting, the pearl gene.

Pearl of Peace’s exceptional genetics and phenotypes are the result of careful breeding carried out by his owners, Equus Vita. Equus Vita was founded in 2010 to promote the PRE Andalusian horse and is a home for horses that possess the rare pearl gene in the UK. Equus Vita continue to produce quality sport horses within this gene pool that are some of the most rare in the world, exhibiting exceptional breeding and colour traits.

Oro already has a dedicated fan base in both the UK and internationally and interacts with his fans through his busy facebook page and You Tube channel. He posts daily photos, messages and videos where he enjoys chatting with his 545,000 followers.

Find out more at or follow Oro’s facebook page

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