Mites – A Common Fact of Life In The Countryside.

Scratch-horseThis summer has been wonderfully warm and dry, particularly during July, and this means a bumper crop of Harvest mites to plague horses, ponies and donkeys as well as dogs, cats and rabbits.  Harvest mites can be active from June to November each year.

Many horse and pony owners have very itchy animals – whilst some mites love to hide in feathers, others can attack fine-coated animals anywhere, but especially on muzzles, lower limbs and bellies when they lie down or innocently graze.

Boarding kennel owners are reporting a high increase in extreme itching in dogs and cats and some owners appear embarrassed that their pet has mites, despite it being a fact of life whilst we co-exist in Mother Nature’s environment!

To stop the critters lurking in the hedgerows and grass from hitching a ride on your animal, apply the special soap-free Ruggle-it Shampoo which contains no harsh chemicals or Tea Tree.  It soothes, cleans without stripping natural moisture, and can be used as a bath or sprayed-on with no rinse required.  That’s clever!

Then apply Ruggle-it Oil according to the application notes which vary depending on the type of animal. Ruggle-it Oil is a made from a 100% natural vegetable oil blend (including Neem) and helps get rid of and deter mites as well as midges, flies, ticks and fleas.  The Ruggle-it duo help prevent further attack by making the animal’s hair follicles act as a ‘walking deterrent’.  It’s also excellent against human head lice!

P1010837 - SP1TRIG OR bricr 4010 CRSaid Julie Price of Suffolk: “Brilliant – my cob has stopped stamping, my other four horses are very happy that flies now fly straight past them – my boys actually come to me to be sprayed with the Ruggle-it – that’s something when one of them is an ex race TB!”.

When Mother Nature creates a problem, she often provides a natural solution too.  After all, a mite is part of another animal’s food chain, so deterring them without chemicals leaves the critters in the countryside and not on our animals!

For further information on Ruggles & Stopitall’s range of natural products and to purchase online,  please visit or call 01823 259952.

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