Local producer hits a showing purple patch

royal-windsor-301On 2nd January this year Tuscany Kosmos owned by Maidstone rider, Virginia Rider, was hurriedly taken to Bell Equine hospital with a suspected wire cut on his leg. As he was transported to the vets, his knee spontaneously combusted and burst open. He was found to be suffering from a bone virus, Osteomyelitis which had been undetected and was eating away his bone. The infection had travelled to the knee and had burst open under pressure. Prognosis for a full recovery was not good and he remained in the hospital on a antiobiotic drop for three weeks.

bams-leg-010Miraculously he made a full recovery over the next 4 months and resumed ridden work mid way through April. Tuscany Kosmos, also known as Bam Bam had been aimed at competing at Royal Windsor where he had achieved 4th place in 2013. The vets and his owner and riders were amazed at his recovery and after contesting a local show the week before, (which he won), he made his way to the Queen’s back garden on 18th June for the Royal Windsor Horse Show.

Bam Bam was foot perfect and belied his 5 years to cope with the household cavalry musical ride in the next ring, the carriages and all the noise to win top honours and win the Mr Freckles cup. He was ridden by Sara Haddow and had the trophy presented by a member of the household cavalry.

bams-leg-0015 days later Virginia’s other horse, the ex-race horse Mumtaz Begum aka Ginger Ninja, took 1st place at Herts County Show on 24th May, qualifying for the Retrained Racehorse Final at Hickstead on 29th June. She cemented this with a further win two days later heading the line at Surrey County show. This ex-racer raced on the flat for many years, with the notable result of always coming last by 100 yards! Definitely better at showing than racing.

The horses are based in Maidstone and compete successfully at dressage when not strutting their paces at showing. Hopefully Bam Bam will resume his eventing and show jumping career now he has been given the all clear from Bell Equine.

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