Herbb Body Hugger

A new horse rug is on the market, the “Herbb Body Hugger ” a Registered Design – its been receiving great praise from owners and horses alike.

Designed and made in West Sussex, by Herbb Natural Horse Rugs. www.herbb.co.uk

IMG_8029It all started with Julia Dunn’s young Thoroughbred regularly performing houdini tricks with his fleeces and stable rugs, he didn’t like wearing them. Riding since she was 5yrs old, Julia says ” horses have always been my passion “. My young horse Prince with his houdini tricks made me realise he wanted something more comfortable – it got me to thinking of designing something easier to use and more comfortable for the horses skin. Wanting mainly a rug which was easier to use, easy to wash and also made of natural fibres, so the horse’s skin could breathe and didn’t become irritated and could be used for several purposes… a liner rug , sweat rug or show rug….

So with a lot of thought, several prototypes and testing on different shapes and sizes of horses, the developments of this new rug design gradually progressed from an idea into reality – working all hours and listening to positive feedback from local Arundel Equine hospital trials, local racing yards and individual horse owners, Julia concentrated on a pure functional design, which looked appealing on the horse, was very comfortable for the horses skin – non itchy, and easy to use.

IMG_4341Always working on the next design development, and pushing forward, Julia Dunn is a stickler for the detail and functionality of the designs, she says ” it has been vital for the design development to get honest opinions from the horse profession, and individual horse owners who have been honest in their feedback as their horses have been wearing them “…

Herbb Body Hugger liner rugs are available in Organic bamboo/cotton – 55.00 and 100% Cotton – 29.99

Cosy Winter Body Hugger 250gsm organic bamboo/cotton lined and organic cotton filled, extra warm as natural filling.. – 79.00

Made to order/measure and dispatched anywhere in the UK and Worldwide.

For further information visit – Herbb Natural Horse Rugs – www.herbb.co.uk

+44 (0)1243 551580

“Designed by the Owner”

“Approved by the Horse”


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