Do you or your horse suffer from a BAD BACK?

FULL NUMNAH AND WOOL CUTOUTBlock the Shock “Saddle Seat” & “Luxurious Pressure Relief Numnah” moulds to you and your horse’s shape in seconds, giving maximum comfort, up to 90% shock absorbsion and pressure relief  qualities.

Made in the UK from high quality materials and fastenings to give maximum performance and longevity of use.

Tried, tested and endorsed by profession riders from endurance to show jumpers. See amazing testimonials from a wide spectrum of riders on our Website and Face Book pages.

Watch the video here to see the before and after effect these products have on horses and riders. Filmed at Whitakers yard during product testing, Alice Emsley is riding.

Contact Stable Environment Limited on 01422 310483 or email and book a FREE TRIAL for your yard. This includes you and your horse being filmed during testing, so you can see as well as feel the difference!


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