Determination and confidence pays off – The Growth of Stud UK Euro


Guy Williams on Zaire


It all started 12 years ago when Caroline moved to Shelvin Farm she owned 4 horses, she was becoming successful at buying and selling and 12 years later now has 120 horses.

She has always had an interest in breeding and met Gerald Lenearts through Guy Williams in Belgium when sourcing new stock to buy. Gerald is the proud owner of Stud Farm Overis. Caroline purchased her first stallion, Branco Van Overis a Belgian warmblood (sire to 90 foals here at Stud UK Euro ) from him and a few geldings to produce. Over the next few years relationships grew and with funding from a generous neighbour she started to build a Stud to 18 mares.

Branco van Overis

Branco Van Overis registered with the Anglo European Studbook

Her husband Rupert started to show a great interest in the breeding and started to develop the Stud, managing the mares, foaling and care of the youngsters whilst Caroline concentrated on the selling and producing.

Caroline started to gain a close business working relationship with Guy Williams and the stud (now named Stud UK Euro) began to get a very good name for producing top quality warmblood showjumpers, she was mainly selling to UK and Europe but over the recent years as sold to Malta and America.

In 2010 Caroline and Guy Williams purchased Diamonte Darco together from a local breeder, she showed phenomenal talent. The Stud produced her for 2 years and Guy’s partner Rebecca competed her, then Guy took the reins for Foxhunter 2nd Rounds at Hickstead. She was then sold for a considerable sum.

Diamonte Darco

Diamonte Darco who is now competing/owned by Sleepy P Ranch in America.

She then qualified with her new owner, Graham Lovegrove at Scope Festival and went from strength to strength. The following spring she was Reserve for the Britain’s Nations Cup Team and placed 3rd at CSI5* 150m class. She was then sold to America.

During February 2013 Caroline had a terrible accident, whilst breaking a 4yr old she had a serious fall, the youngster reared and landed on her. Caroline broke her back in 3 places, after 2 long operations doctors feared she would never walk again as her nerves were so badly damaged. After enduring 4 months in hospital Caroline returned home and started the long road to recovery. A year later and Caroline is back on a horse, albeit our lovely mare Anaconda who is an angel and she is almost back to walking perfectly. It wont be long before Caroline is back in the show ring again. Her recovery has been helped by watching the infamous gelding Zaire by Indoctro produced by Caroline herself climb the rankings.

Zaire, a 3yr old purchased at the Panhof Horse Auction in Belgium in 2007 by Caroline for very little money. He took 2 weeks to break, was very sharp. Loose jumping at 3yrs he jumped 2m40 over a 1m10, it was then that Caroline knew she had a real jumper on her hands. He was produced by Emily Elliott and Caroline and then was sent to Mark Williams at 5 years where he was fully produced and competed. At 5 and 6yrs he was being placed 1st in Newcomers at many shows. Placed 2nd at National 1.40m Open.

In 2013 he came back to Kent via Stud UK Euro stables to be competed by Guy Williams.

Zaire as a 5yo

Emily Elliott on Zaire as a 5yo

Arena UK, Sept 2013 was his 1st show with his new rider Guy. And he came 2nd in the Grand Prix winning £14,000. He hit the rankings list at 40 in the U.K. within 6 weeks. He is now jumping World Cups and is off to Spain for 6weeks under the masterful wisdom of Guy Williams. On the way to Spain he came 6th on the first night at Bordeaux CS15* and then on the Sunday he took the very prestigious 1.60m from the French lady rider by a whole second and scooped a total of €44,000.

Zaire and Diamonte Darco are Caroline’s most successful horses to date. She has now bred over 60 youngsters and sold over 300 horses in total over the last 10 years. Stud UK Euro is now a well established Stud, known for producing top quality competition horses. Caroline’s reputation goes before her.

Determination and confidence has got Caroline to where she is now and proves that hard work certainly pays off and an excellent eye for talent.

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