Chester Shows a Clean Pair of Heels with Ruggle-it

Ruggle-it logo (naturally)Field conditions can be horrific at this time of year with wet weather turning grazing and gateways into mud in no time at all, and skin conditions such as mud fever and the winter-attacking ‘millennium mites’ affecting many horses that are turned out.

Lisa Wood’s Welsh Section D, Chester, had suffered from mud issues for years and for the first time ever, he also developed a reaction to the chopped rubber surface in Lisa’s school. Lisa tried all manner of products to no avail.

She started putting socks on Chester when using the school which helped, but his pink and tender patches started to spread when the wet weather arrived and with Chester living out, it was looking like a painful winter ahead.

P47 SP1TrigHandBag BriCr4500  OR CrThen Lisa saw a magazine advert for the soap-free Ruggle-it shampoo and 100% natural vegetable oil blend, and wondered if it would help. She was amazed with the results!

She said: “Your product actually does what it says!  Chester’s heels are much better, we have no crusty skin or pinkness for the first time ever!  I have and will, totally recommend Ruggle-it.”

Said Karen Ruggles of Ruggles & Stopitall Ltd: “The anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties in Ruggle-it are put to good use in conditions like this, and, unlike many preparations, Ruggle-it oil can be applied to wet skin which can make life a lot easier.  The oil also helps create a moisture barrier helping legs become like ducks in water!”

Another benefit with the Mother-Nature-inspired Ruggle-it products is that mud issues are increasingly caused by mite damage, so to tackle both issues for no extra cost, you just use the products differently!  Mother Nature – clever, cost-effective and kind!

Please visit for further information or to purchase online or call call 01823 259952.

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