Benefits of following betting tipsters

Picking the winners from a selection of horse races is the prime ambition for any punter who wishes to call it right and make a considerable profit. Gambling remains one of the most popular forms of entertainment in the United Kingdom, with billions of pounds wagered every year on sporting activities and other markets which offer the chance to win money.

Horse racing generates considerable interest through punters who dress up to the nines and watch the action unfold at the racecourse, or take to their local bookmaker with newspaper in hand to analyse the runners and riders throughout the day. Placing bets adds more spice and incentive to watching a race, but can also feel gut-wrenching to lose money on a bet, irrespective of the value wagered. Betting tipsters make a profession from a comprehensive knowledge of the horse racing market, with their research and insightful knowledge going towards helping punters to enjoy the winning feeling. Following the advice of a reputable tipster can point you in the right direction towards potential winners who could return a nice profit.

Industry knowledge

Horse racing punters can make a living from analysing the condition of each race course and how successful owners have been across the United Kingdom. The unpredictable beauty of betting can make it difficult to say, with absolute certainty, who will win a race, but tipsters are clued up on every aspect of the sport. Some are privileged to have inside knowledge on a horse’s condition and their training regime at the paddocks to enhance their ability to make accurate predictions on a regular basis. It can make the difference in tipping a 20/1 outsider over an outright favourite – and be proven right.


Form and previous track records are invaluable forms of information that punters and tipsters alike live on to make their own predictions. Although anything is possible in horse racing, particularly in prestigious races such as the Cheltenham Gold Cup, tipsters go the extra mile to know every detail of each runner and rider to ensure they can provide the best level of recommendation for punters. Research ultimately separates those who enjoy more winners from those who constantly fall short, with tipsters often making a living from their own hard work behind a newspaper or computer.


The most important aspect to consider when thinking about following a tipster is to remember that they are doing it for themselves as well. All the industry knowledge and research they put into horse racing makes their tips and recommendations invaluable within forming a trustworthy relationship with punters. This is particularly the case for tipsters, such as Mark Winstanley, who charge considerable amounts of money for their expert advice and tips; although certain tipsters operate for free, others make it their duty to ensure punters stand the best chance of making a nice profit and therefore charge for their services. Punters must, however, be careful when choosing which tipsters to invest in and trust that their information is accurate. Unscrupulous tipsters do unfortunately exist in the world of horse race betting by ripping punters off with grossly inaccurate tips for their own personal gain. Checking their reputability within the betting community is highly recommended for punters who choose to follow tipsters who can point them in the right direction towards making a considerable profit on their bets.

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